Nakumatt| We are predicting a merry festive season sales wise


In the lead-up to this year’s festive season, regional retailer Nakumatt Holdings has confirmed that its general sales prospects are looking up favourably.

As the year ends, Nakumatt is projecting a more than 17% sales growth through this festive season compared to a similar period last year with increased shopper confidence.

Besides normal sales, Nakumatt is already enjoying a steady demand on its range of gift cards and gift vouchers this festive season in what the firm now attributes to growing demand by local corporate organisations and individuals.

Speaking in Nairobi, Nakumatt Holdings Managing Director Atul Shah confirmed that a marked uptake of gift vouchers complemented by a steady growth on normal sales has helped to boost the retailer’s fourth quarter performance.

Growing demand by local organisations to adopt Gift Vouchers and Cards, Shah said, can be attributed to their convenience and face value.

“Local institutions including leading business organisations, government ministries, parastatals and even academic institutions have placed orders for both customised and non-customised gift vouchers and cards in various denominations which will most likely be redeemed during the Christmas week and back to school period,” Shah explained.

And added: “besides the spike on gift vouchers and cards, we are also predicting further strong sales in coming days arising from enhanced stock levels to cater for the high demand during this festive season. All our suppliers have positively responded to our pre festive season stocking plans and we do not expect to have any stock outs.”

Mid last month, Nakumatt Holdings launched a prize galore Christmas customer reward programme dubbed: Become a Millionaire with Nakumatt that will run through the forthcoming Christmas and New Year festivities with loyal customers standing a chance to win a Kshs 1million grand prize.

The Kshs 25million customer reward programme will feature 1001 winners with Nakumatt shoppers at all its 30 branches in Kenya standing a chance to win shopping vouchers starting from Kshs, 5,000, to Kshs 100,000 alongside the two grand prize winners who stand a chance to win Kshs 500,000 and Kshs 1 million respectively.

This festive season, Nakumatt Holdings has also opened the doors to its Nakumatt Malindi Branch. As part of its expansion strategy, the Nakumatt has opened the doors to its Kshs 300 Million Supermarket, featuring a variety of energy saving retail fittings and solutions imported from Italy.

The energy saving solutions installed and running at Nakumatt Malindi arguably transforms the new store into one of the most energy efficient retail outlets in Kenya with upto 25% energy cost savings.

Covering a shop floor area of more than 40,000Square Feet, the new Nakumatt store in the tourist resort town of Malindi is part of a pilot project to explore the viability of various energy saving solutions such as Freezers, Chillers, Air Dispersion Units and Lighting systems that are some of the notable high energy consuming elements in the retail sector.